Transfer Station

Skandia / West Branch Transfer Station

159 Holme Road
Skandia, MI 49885

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday 3pm-7pm
Friday 12pm-5pm
Saturday 9am-1pm

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General Instructions

One or two attendants are on site to direct and assist in the disposal of all regular household garbage. Please seek guidance from the attendant if you have a questions of where things go.

All residents are to have Transfer Facility cards available for viewing by the attendant(s). Users will be limited to 2 Cu. Yd. per week, which is equivalent to one level pick-up load one time per week. All trash disposed of at the transfer facility must be generated within the township.

  • Turn off vehicle inside building

  • Present Transfer Facility card to the attendant


  • Hot ashes, compost, and brush cannot be accepted

Located Inside the Building

  • Household trash
  • Plastic recycling – rinse, crush and/or compact as much as possible
  • Tin and Aluminum household cans – rinse clean
  • Paper products – can be put in paper bags
  • Cardboard – break down all cardboard boxes
  • Oil – used, clean oil
  • Batteries – ask attendant for more information

We DO NOT Accept Refrigerators, Freezers or Air Conditioners!

Located Outside the Building

  • Scrap metal
  • Glass-rinse clean, remove all metal rings/lids (NO WINDOW, AUTO¬†GLASS OR LIGHT BULBS)

Construction Debris

  • Small amounts (one level pick-up load) of construction debris (roofing, wood debris, sheeting, drywall, siding, furniture, carpeting, tile, mattresses, wood pallets, etc.) is accepted at the Transfer Facility, however, LARGE AMOUNTS MUST go to the Marquette County Landfill. Authorization for use of the Marquette County Landfill can be obtained through the Township Office, 906-942-7404.


  • Tires are accepted at the Transfer Facility for $10 each. You must pay at the Township Office and obtain a receipt prior to bringing them to the Transfer Facility. The attendants will collect the receipt upon drop off. There are times of the year in which tires are collected for free. Call the Township Office to find out what the dates are.


The following is a list of places that take iron, metal, aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, etc. They also accept vehicles, appliances, etc. Some have free drop off, some have pick up available, some have dumpsters they can put in place if you have large amounts, and some pay you per ton… Please call to find out which place offers what, and how they can help with your clean¬≠ efforts.

  • Alter Metal Recycling: 906-228-9048
  • A&L Iron & Metal: 906-485-6038
  • CD&E Metals: 906-250-5498
  • Marquette Metal Recycling: 906-458-1492
  • N&N Trucking & Recycling: 906-226-6664
  • North Country Disposal: 906-249-4500

Battery Types and How to Prepare for Drop-Off:

how to prepare batteries for recycling