Current News

Current News

To all Skandia Township residents,

Skandia Township has been subsidizing the costs of operating the Transfer Facility
for several years, at the expense of other services/projects withing the township.
However, due to the implementation of a PFAS leachate treatment facility at the
Marquette County Landfill, which was required by the State, and the constant
rising costs in tipping fees, Skandia Township is forced to raise the cost of the
Transfer Facility User Fees.

Beginning July 2024, the cost of the garbage tickets will be $100.00 every six (6)
months. This averages out to under $17.00 per month/$4.25 per week. Still a very
decent price for the use of such a convenient and nice facility.

For those of you that are pre-paid for the July-December billing months, you will
be receiving a bill in the mail for the balance due. The cards for that time frame
will be null and void and a new colored card will be issued to all customers upon

We will be holding a Public Meeting regarding the Transfer Facility on:

June 11, 2024 at 7pm
Skandia Township Hall

We ask that you consider attending this meeting and bring some fresh ideas as we
explore all options for our Township residents. Some of which are:

* Keeping things as is, with residents paying the higher rate
* Contracting with a refuse hauling company for curbside pick up of garbage
and recycling, to be paid for by residents
* Moving to a scale system, with residents paying by weight

So again, please consider coming to the meeting, we encourage community input.


Skandia Township Board

Changes for the 2024 Election Cycle due to the Passage of Proposal 22-2

Voters can now choose one of the following ways to cast their ballot:

  1. Vote in person on Election Day – go to the Skandia Township Community Center on Election Day to cast your ballot.
  2. Absentee Ballot – Requests can be made at the Skandia Township Office, Online at, or by email at .
  3. Permanent Ballot List – Voters that check the box on the Absent Voter Ballot Application to receive a ballot for all future elections will automatically be mailed a ballot for all eligible future elections.
  4. Early in-person voting – Nine days of in-person voting is now available for all Statewide and Federal elections.  Early in-person voting allows a voter to cast a ballot in person, nine consecutive days, ending on the Sunday before the election.  Skandia Township’s early voting site will be at the Chocolay Township office located at 5010 US 41 S., Marquette, MI  49855 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

If you want to change how you are currently voting you may do so by doing the following:

A.  Change from Absentee voting to In-person voting – request in writing via email, postal mail, or in-person at the Clerk’s office to be removed from the Absentee list.

B.  Change from Absentee voting to the Permanent Ballot list – complete a one-time application and return to your Clerk’s office via email, drop box, postal mail, or in person.  By doing this, it will remove you from the Absentee ballot list and add you to the Permanent ballot list.

C.  Change from In-person voting to the Permanent Ballot list – complete a one-time application and return to your Clerk’s office via email, drop box, postal mail, or in person.

We understand that this is all confusing.  If you have any questions, please contact Marilyn Keto at the Clerk’s office by calling 906-942-7404 or via email,

Emergency Warming Shelter

The Skandia Township Hall will be available as an emergency warming shelter in the event of a power outage lasting more than four hours.  The Township Hall will be open and manned with power, heat, and water for all that may need help.  For information regarding this program, or to arrange for transportation, contact:

Fire Chief, Kevin Downs:  906-361-0364 or 906-942-7434

Deputy Chief, Bob Goodwin:  906-361-7391 or 906-942-7391

Emergency Services Director, Fred Beauchamp:  906-361-8296

Emergency Services Winter Prep

  • Keep your house number visible
  • Keep your fire hydrant accessible
  • Check and replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Make sure your chimney is clean
  • Have an emergency escape plan with two exits

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